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Dancing over the years.

Bundy Scottish Country Dancers was founded in 2002. The three founding members have been addicted to dancing since the 1950's and have many years of dancing experience between them. Dancing is their love and they want to pass that on to anyone who is willing to learn.

Scottish Country Dancing is not Highland solo dancing it is social dancing in groups of couples either facing each other in lines or in squares. The dancing is for pure pleasure and enjoyment. It is a great way to meet people because it is danced in a set and everyone dances with everyone else in the set. The dances are generally progressive and at the conclusion of each turn of the dance the couple that started the dance finish further down the set, eventually reaching the bottom, when the next couple take their turn to progress to the bottom until the dance is completed.

During the classes the basic steps and various movements and formations are grouped together to form a dance. You don't need to learn the the dances, the idea is to learn the formations then you should be able to dance any dance. Boredom is not in our vocabulary, there are over 16000 dances, of which, about 300 are favourites on many a dance programme throughout the World.

Dancing is for everyone, young and young at heart. You do not require a specfic partner to come along as we try to socialise and mix as much as possible, though if you wish to keep a specific partner that is OK.

Check out the rest of our web site. If you have any questions please contact us.

Why not come along and join in the fun. You will get some good healthy exercise for both the mind and body whilst making new friends. Scottish Country Dancing is an ideal form of stress management. You concentrate so much on the dancing, you can't think about anything else.

You too may become addicted!

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